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Chart: dMunkie the funkJunky

Rank Artist Track Label
1-Mark Farina-the Landscape EP-Panhandle
2-Nightsource (Migs & Rasoul)-the rise above EP-Naked
3-Free Soul-Disco Eyes (freeform reform mx)-Classic
4-Jamiroquai-You give me something (full intention club mix)-Epic
5-Kaskade feat Rob Wannamaker-gonna make it-Om
6-Rob Mello-Scared of losing you (no ears dub)-Classic
7-Harry "choo choo" Romero-Tania-bambossa
8-Undercover Agency feat Trust-Sweetest Kind-Naked
9-Swirl People-Reflex Success-Panhandle
10-Macy Gray-Sexual Revolution (migs petalpusher mix)-Epic




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