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Chart: Laura Claar

Rank Artist Track Label
1different gear vs SiaDrink to get Drunk (different gear mix)INCredible
2Paris the Black Fuuntitled ("Detroit")Throw
3Zoot WomanLiving in a Magazine (Paper Faces Remix)Wall of Sound
4-Mauro PicottoVerdi-
5Carl CraigThe Climax (original mix)Planet E
6BranVan3000 feat. Curtis MayfieldAstoundedGrand Royal
7AirPeople in the CityAstralwerks
8Ingo KennedyTrunkatedSpeaker Attack
9Sesso Mato vs Idjut BoysSessomatoWest End Records
10Home and Garden presents ColetteFind your Love (original CoCo Kante mix)Icon




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